Born from a desire to become a global leader in the advancement of women in aviation through education, promotion, mentorship and empowerment, L.I.F.T. is primarily a private Facebook group of over 6,000 women pilots and student pilots. As we grow our 501(c)3 organization we will grow our presence in other more public forums like this one.

Making the Goal--EAA Women Soar Society and LIFT!

In late 2019, LIFT was approached by the newly formed Women Soar Society from the Experimental Aviation Association to be a recipient of a $5,000 grant. This grant was to be used to fund flight scholarships. There was one catch, we had to raise an additional $5,000! A daunting task indeed. But, as of the writing of this, LIFT succeeded in raising those funds! We now have the money to offer some additional scholarships! Earlier this year, we handed out a total of $1,260 in written knowledge test scholarships and today we announced the winners of a $2,000 private pilot scholarship, a $2,000 advanced rating scholarship and a $1,000 specialized flight training scholarship. 

After an exhaustive review by nine very lovely and dedicated volunteers, the initial round of over 65 applications were narrowed down to three! 

The winners are:

Private Pilot Scholarship: Domina Stamas

Advanced Rating Scholarship: Amy Hills for her Instrument Rating 

Specialized: Manuela Cortes for her Tailwheel endorsement

A hearty thank you to the following ladies for their time and talent in deciding the winners of this round: Dr. Nicoletta Fala

Ms. Abbie Friddell

Ms. Addison Hemphill

Ms. Amy Hull

Ms. Caitlin McCarthy

Ms. Christa Guidry

Ms. Karla Smith

Ms. Larae Stotts

Ms. Tabitha Booher

Ms. Lin Caywood