Born from a desire to become a global leader in the advancement of women in aviation through education, promotion, mentorship and empowerment, L.I.F.T. is primarily a private Facebook group of over 6,000 women pilots and student pilots. As we grow our 501(c)3 organization we will grow our presence in other more public forums like this one.

Yes - Another Scholarship Opportunity!!!

We are proud to announce another scholarship in partnership with One Plane Jane:

One Plane Jane

Apply Now for a One Plane Jane Flight Training Scholarship

We we will awarding at least one scholarship of at least $2500 (fundraising is still going on, but we have achieved the $2500 milestone) to a deserving female aviator!


The scholarship may be used for any level of flight training. Applications open to U.S. residents who are women aged 18 and older. Award will be paid directly to the recipient’s flight school by Ladies in Flight Training 501(c)(3).


Application Deadline: 30 September 2020

Applications to be reviewed by committee and judged by a rubric in October

Winner announced in November 2020


Applications are now open. Click the link below to apply or copy this address: