Born from a desire to become a global leader in the advancement of women in aviation through education, promotion, mentorship and empowerment, L.I.F.T. is primarily a private Facebook group of over 6,000 women pilots and student pilots. As we grow our 501(c)3 organization we will grow our presence in other more public forums like this one.

Our First Scholarship of 2021!

LIFT/SPA Seaplane Add-on Rating Scholarship

LIFT and SPA are proud to announce a new partnership and the ability to give an ASES scholarship for a woman private pilot, or higher, of all ages. The successful  candidate will have a promising plan for training completion and for giving back to the seaplane aviation community. The flight training program will be held at Alaska Floats and Skis and includes housing during training.


To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be a member of the LIFT Facebook  community and a member of SPA by application submittal.

To apply, complete the online application and submit the required documents by June 1:

In the event additional information is required, you may be contacted for a short interview.

                                                  Click HERE for Application